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Warren Ward is a psychiatrist who writes about philosophy, culture, travel and the history of ideas.

His first novel-length work, Lovers of Philosophy, explores the love lives of seven continental philosophers: Kant, Hegel, Nietzsche, Heidegger, Sartre, Foucault and Derrida. It is due out 21 Jan 2022 with Ockham Publishing.

Ward is represented by Martin Shaw at Shaw Literary.


‘Walking in Berlin’, Prairie Fire, 2020

‘No Picnic at the Hospital’, Our Inside Voices (anthology), 2020

‘Sooner or Later we All Face Death. Will a Sense of Meaning Help Us?’, Aeon, 2020

‘Aldo Manuzio’, Lane Cove Literary Awards 2019: An Anthology

‘Who’s Your Daddy’, New Philosopher, 2019

‘Time with the Heideggers’, The Stardust Literary Review, 2019

‘The Students Are Revolting’, New Philosopher, 2019

‘Sunday Sun Daily Sun’, Bjelke Blues (anthology), 2019

‘Human, All Too Human’, New Philosopher, 2019

‘Her Name was Marielle Franco’, Overland, 2018

‘Philosophising in Tasmania’, Great Walks, 2018

‘Freud & Jung for Writers: 7 Tips to Help Develop Your Characters’, WQ 2017

‘The Philosophy of Anorexia’, New Philosopher, 2017

‘Rue Bonaparte’, Softcopy, Edition #3, 2017

‘50,000 at a Funeral’, New Philosopher, 2016


Shortlisted, Varuna New Zealand Residency, 2021

Varuna Residential Fellowship, 2021

Artist-in-Residence, Château d’Orquevaux, France, 2020

Denis Diderot [A-i-R] Grant, 2020

Shortlisted, Varuna Publisher Introduction Program, 2020

Award Mentorship, Australian Society of Authors, 2020

Scholarship, Disquiet International Literary Program, Lisbon, 2019

Winner, New Philosopher Writers’ Award. ‘Human, All Too Human’, 2019

Finalist, New Philosopher Writers’ Award, ‘Time with the Heideggers’, 2019

Finalist, New Philosopher Writers’ Award, ‘Foucault Fights Back’, 2019

Shortlisted, Travel Story Prize, Lane Cove Literary Awards, 2019

Selected, Residence Program, Can Serrat, Barcelona, 2018

Selected, Katharine Susannah Prichard Fellowship, Perth, 2018

Finalist, New Philosopher Writers’ Award, ‘Who Killed Marielle Franco’, 2017

Runner-up, New Philosopher Writers’ Award, ‘Philosophy of Anorexia’, 2017

Finalist, New Philosopher Writers’ Award, ‘Art of Conversation’, 2017

Finalist, New Philosopher Writers’ Award, ‘The Nature of Philosophy’, 2017

Selected, Vermont Studio Centre, 2017

Selected, Enter Text Residency, Arteles Creative Centre, Finland, 2017

Winner, New Philosopher Writers’ Award, ‘50,000 at a Funeral’, 2016

Finalist, New Philosopher Writers’ Award, ‘A Portable Aristotle’, 2016

Finalist, Writers’ Award, New Philosopher, ‘Three Times Unlucky’, 2016

Selected, Yale Writers’ Conference, 2016

Highly Commended, Varuna Residential Fellowship, 2016

Selected, ACT Writers Centre HARDCOPY Program, 2015

Finalist, New Philosopher Writers’ Award, ‘One Per Person’, 2015

Finalist, New Philosopher Writers’ Award, ‘Walking With The Ancients’, 2015

Selected, QWC/Hachette Australia Manuscript Development Program, 2014

Shortlisted, Hazel Rowley Literary Fellowship, 2014

8 responses to “About

  1. You’re a natural, Warren! Fascinating blog, I look forward to reading more, as well as your book when it is released.


  2. peter

    I enjoyed your essay, reminded me of a headmaster’s conference int he UK in ‘6os. “Rugby’s headmaster said ‘This school prepares a boy for life” Ampleforth’s head said ‘This school prepares a boy for death’
    Both were right!
    Peter Robinson, editor


  3. Thanks for your interest Peter. I will be sure to do that!


  4. Eric Koch

    Hi Warren, Do you have an estimate when your book will be issued/available in the Netherlands (in English)?


    • Hi Eric. Thanks for your interest! Lovers of Philosophy will be published early 2021 by Ockham Publishing. It will be able to be ordered through Amazon, Book Depository and Waterstones. Will post on my blog as more details become available.


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